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Do you know your Time Type? You should.

Let’s be honest, we all have different preferences when deciding how much planning fits into our lives. Our relationship to time is a part of our personality.

Let’s think of it like “Time Types.”

I know that sounds kind of vague but hear me out for a second!

For example:

Taking a Day Off

You might prefer color coding your schedule so every minute counts while others would rather take time off from their busy days in order to be stress-free and see where the day goes.

Going on a Trip

There are those who want detailed itineraries planned months ahead. Others (🙋‍♀️ like me) might thrive with open time for spontaneous options.


We all have different preferences when it comes to planning. Our relationship to time is a part of our personality. This means that some people are more likely to thrive with detailed schedules while others need more flexibility and spontaneity in their lives.

By understanding your “time type,” you can better plan your days and trips, as well as understand why certain things work well or not so well for you.

Have you ever thought about your relationship with time? What’s worked best for you in terms of scheduling and planning? 

I’ve shared some journal prompts below if you’re interested in exploring this topic further!

Time Types are a way of thinking about our relationship to time. Screenshot of woman saying I don't have a plan.

Even when we don’t have a plan, there’s a chance that things could go amazingly right. 

I hope this article was helpful. Go out there and be freakin awesome today.xo, deb in script as the sign off for Deb Durham at ey It's Deb

Time Types Journal Prompts -

Reflecting on your Time Type could give you more insight into who you are, help you understand your habits, or spark ideas for optimizing your calendar or your goals.

Am I past, present, or future-focused most of the time? Which feels most natural and why?

In my head, do I experience time as: 

  1. mostly continuous, like a chain of events, or 
  2. more discontinuous like multiple threads in a conversation going on in a conversation

Write about times when you have felt both of 1 and 2. Which feels most like you?

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