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Dog Life Coach™ – Sooner or Later

Welcome to Dog Life Coach™ a new series at that's inspired by the awesomeness of dogs and the people who love them.

Dog Life Coach: Everything will get better sooner or later

Sometimes it can be easy to forget that in the ups and downs of life, everything will get better sooner or later. Life just ebbs and flows that way. Dogs make life better. 100%. For example, this brilliant chihuahua wants to remind us that everything will get better sooner or later.

Photo of a chihuahua representing a dog life coach with positive message that says" everything will get better sooner or later

 So smart. So zen. I love this guy. And, of course, freaking adorable.  Hey’s also the welcome committee for Dog Life Coach ™ series here at and wants me to tell you he’s super psyched you’re here.

Dog lovers everywhere can agree that dogs are fabulous and they are some of the best friends and teachers we could ever have. Don’t you think? It’s like they are born to excel as a life coach. Their ikigai is to make us feel freaking awesome.

I know I’ve learned a lot from dogs (and other animals, TBH). Smart stuff. Really smart stuff – more like wise stuff. You know, in an “Everything I know I learned from my long haired dachshund” self-help best-seller sorts of way. Maybe like these:

  • Reassurance from a rescue.
  • Perspicacious insights from a poodle.
  • Deep thoughts from a dachshund.
  • Much needed clarity from a corgi.

That’s the inspiration for the Dog Life Coach™ series. Here’s what I envision: Tips and tools for feeling freaking awesome paired with dogs.

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