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Earrings help me look like I have it together

Earrings Are Freaking Magical

I have a thing for earrings. A great pair can save the day, even when you wake up with puffy eyes and bedhead. They are little, but don’t let them fool you – earrings are magic. I think they’re a girl’s best friend and quite frankly, I don’t know what I would do without them. Earrings help me look like I have my sh!t together. (It’s not always true, hence the magic)

gold and silver rings on pink and white striped textile

Earring shopping will never be my favorite thing to do (although sometimes it is). The absolute worst is when you find the perfect pair then talk yourself out of buying them.

Who knows why? Maybe your ears were having a bad lobe day. Whatever. When this happened to me, I used to let out a little grumble and curse at the universe for giving me something that I couldn’t wear.

No more. NOPE. Now I just treat the universe like my best friend. When I see a special pair with that je ne sais quoi I really want, I think of that as a serendipitous text from my bestie.

"Hey! So I have some good news - I found the perfect pair of earrings for you- they are so awesome! You will look so chic with these studs. I know, right? They are the best. But haha, don't worry, you can always sell them when you tire of them. Ok bye!"

In other words, you are beyond fabulous and the universe is on your side, i.e. Get the freaking earrings.

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