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Mixed Metal Jewelry Is a Trend We Love

This year, mixed metal jewelry will be everywhere you look. It’s on the runways and showing up in social media feeds for brands and fashionistas alike. Whether you love to experiment with different styles or you prefer timeless, classic looks, you’ll have lots of options with mixed metal jewelry.

You’ll find ways to combine metals for a bold statement look as well as pieces that are perfect as an everyday accessory. Brighton jewelry offers a wide range of combinations to create unique and timeless looks. With so many possibilities available, there’s no reason not to add mixed metal jewelry to your jewelry wardrobe and 2022 looks!

Four Gold-colored Rings

Mixed metals Are Everywhere

Mixed metal jewelry is one of those trends that has been around forever, but it doesn’t feel tired or old because there are many different combinations to try. For example, you can mix your metals and finishes to create a luxurious, multi-dimensional style. Out on a two tone piece. It’s all about finding looks that fit with who you are, your personal style, and how you feel.

Whether you love to experiment with different styles or you prefer timeless, classic looks, you have many options with this trend.

Magical Mixes: Style Inspo with Brighton

You can get as creative as you like with the mixes you create, so have some fun. When you find a look that feels just right and is easy to style, you’ve got magic! If you’re new to mixing metals, try starting with gold and silver. You probably already have yellow gold pieces. Boom. You’ve got your first option. Why not try rose gold, too? Choose a couple of items from your jewelry box to mix and match pieces in one color with an accents in another. Layering necklaces is an easy way to create your mix or add some wow to your bracelet stack by mixing and matching metals. 

Where I Look For Inspiration

Brighton is one of my favorite jewelry brands and they have mastered mixed metal looks. Their jewelry is designed with attention to every detail. (You’ll definitely see that with some of the styles I’m sharing below!)  Because mixed metals are so versatile that they look great with a little black dress, work wear or jeans, you’ll get lots of use out any new pieces that you add to your jewelry wardrobe. Here are 3 simple mixes to try.

Easy Peasy Option #1

An easy way to try this trend is to add something new to a  charm bracelet or necklace – say a gold bead on a silver charm holder or a selection of mixed metal beads like this chic combo (available in my Poshmark closet!)

Easy Peasy Option #2: Mixed Finishes

For a subtle look, an easy go-to are necklaces where the chain is a different color than the pendant, like these. For those who need max versatility, check out the third photo. That necklace is a Houdini. The brushed gold with silver looks luxe. Flip it over for a monochrome look brushed silver with high shine silver. (Catania – retired).

Easy Peasy Option #3: Triple Threat

If you want something fresh and even bolder, check out something from Brighton’s  Neptune’s Rings Collection or their Dynasty Empire line, which you can check out below.  The 3-D layering, silver, and black, with both yellow gold and rose gold elements, add a certain, edgy je ne sais quoi. The combinations are endless.

CONCLUSION: Say yes to metal mixes

Mixed metals are everywhere. You’ll see it on fashionistas and celebrities. It’s featured on the catwalks and in our favorite fashion social media feeds right now. Why? The question really should be “why not?” It is oh so versatile and a perfect for everyday wear. Say “Yes!”  to this look ASAP.
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Oh, hey. PS:

Looking for more info or inspo for mixing up a unique or timeless look? Skim through my Poshmark closet for lots of ideas. 

Thanks for reading! 

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