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Do NOT make this mistake when working on self-acceptance.

There's no shortcut for this step

Here’s the deal: Self kindness can be really hard to do, even when we are investing time and energy on it.  Our brains don’t always help us to be great at self-acceptance either. Bleh. 

When working on change or learning something new, it’s often as much about removing friction from the system and stopping behaviors like self crticism that get in the way. 

You know what really gets  in the way of self-compassion and well being? 

Hot Tip: Stop comparing yourself to other people

Comparing yourself to other people gets in the way of self-acceptance. Truly. It does. Comparing yourself to other people makes it 8 bajillion times harder to do, give or take. When we want to learn and practice self-acceptance, one of the most important things we can do get rid of things that derail us. 

In other words, you can make a giant leap forward on the journey if you are willing to stop comparing yourself to other people. Not only does that one thing get one ginormous obstacle out of the way, we get to reclaim time and energy to invest in well being. It can be hard, but it’s SO worth the effort.

As human beings, when we limit self criticism and self judgement we are boosting our own well being.  Just the act of replacing self-critical beliefs with self compassion is beneficial for pysical and psychological health.

The same is true when we let negative emotions pass instead of being consumed by them.

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