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I love these 3 trends for vintage-inspired jewelry

Obsessed with vintage & vintage-inspired jewelry? Me, too.

This is a close up picture of a vintge curb link chain that is goldtone

Since vintage (and vintage-inspired jewelry looks) are almost by definition not for sale in big stores, for those of us who love a retro aesthetic shopping requires a certain sense of adventure. It’s a bit like a treasure hunt in my mind. I always have my eye out for pieces that are unique. For me, it feels freaking awesome to express who I am on the inside with my personal style.

In my experience, some of the best places to find jewelry with a vintage vibe is on resale marketplaces such as eBay, Poshmark, and Mercari. I’m a shopper and a seller on all three platforms. (links @ end of article)

Some of the vintage and vintage-inspired jewelry looks that will be fire for 2022 include:

  1. Vintage Rings
  2. Vintage Charm Bracelets
  3. Statement pieces with colorful stones.

Vintage Rings

Vintage-inspired jewelry that is on-trend for 2022 includes vintage rings, like this gold plated signet ring.

Here are some pointers for picking rings that are on trend that you’ll absolutely love.

·      Signet rings are a great option! They’re a vintage jewelry staple, no doubt. You might find retro-inspired signet rings stamps or a monogram, which can be really distinctive. If not, you can always get yours engraved. Want to take it up a notch? Put one on your pinky or wear with other rings.

·      Look to vintage-friendly sites and resale marketplaces for rings with genuine old-school street cred. What do we mean by that? You may find rings that stand out as special because they have wear and little unique features showing they are loved and legit.

·     Yes, the comeback of cocktail rings is now official. Think CHUNKY. Choose a style icon like Liz Taylor or Hollywood classic like Gentlemen Prefer Blondes for inspiration. You’ll find rings with rhinestones, angular lines and cluster settings.

Vintage Style Charm Bracelets

Photo by 947051

When it comes to charm bracelets with a vintage vibe, resale marketplaces are definitely worth checking out.  Here’s what to look for:

·     Typically, vintage charm bracelets are chunky and colorful! Think of the most popular vintage styles by era. You’ll find charms with lucite accents or other mid-century touches. Also look out for bows and coin style charms which evolved different looks over the decades (1950s to 1990s).

·       You’ll probably find vintage charm bracelets travel symbols, love charms or enameled charms. Really fun vintage charm bracelets often include animal charms or floral motifs. Those are classics that will be timeless. And, if you aren’t finding what you like, go with a newer bracelet that has vintage-inspired charms. 

·       Spot vintage charm bracelets with pearls! Round, baroque any shape is fine. If you aren’t finding charm bracelets with pearls, vintage-inspired chain or rope bracelets with faux pearls are a great option. Either way, pearls can take your bracelet stack to a whole new level. Pile ’em on!

Colored Stone Statement pieces 

Whether vintage or vintage-inspired jewelry is our thing, colorful stones can really step up your look. Think GLAM!

These vintage earrings are one of my favorite pairs ever! Vintage aesthetic and joie de vivre are hard to capture in a single gemstone. Monet used three cabochons, emerald green, ruby red and sapphire blue, for these. The captivating colors were only amplified by sparkling CZ / rhinestones accents. Hollywood Starlet worthy! I recently sold these, but still swoon over the pics.

A recent layout in Harper’s Bazaar raved about the vintage inspired jewelry trends they were seeing on the runway:

Trending in oversized proportions and bright hues, the clear-cut designs have popped up on the runway at Saint Laurent in vintage-inspired settings that are reminiscent of bold baubles of the last century.

  • Look for vintage earrings that are statement-making. You can certainly find vintage inspired styles, but vintage earrings with geometry, textures and vintage colors will get you the look.
  • Not vintage per se, but vintage-inspired jewelry? You’ll find bold statement pieces with colorful stones. I’m talking pink and green brooches, vintage-inspired pastel statement earrings (from my Poshmark closet) and vintage-inspired floral earrings.
  • BONUS++ BIG, bold statement necklaces. Think vintage-inspired collars with colorful stones and vintage looking chokers with a brooch on the front.

Your Turn to Shop the Looks

Were you inspired by some of these vintage vibes? Lots of options! So where to get started? I suggested these three options: 1) Signet rings; 2) Vintage Charm Bracelets; 3) Big statement pieces with colorful stones.

Don’t forget, resale marketplaces like Poshmark are perfect for anyone loves vintage looks but doesn’t want to spend a fortune. Check out recommended marketplaces on the Super Shopping Sites page.

Also, If you’re looking for more info about buying or styling vintage, please let me know. I’m planning to showcase some jewelry from my collection and would love to know what interests you.

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